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Yang Ming National Park might be the top result if you google up ‘‘Must visit places in Taipei, Taiwan’’, or even more specific the ‘‘Yang-Ming Shan (Mountain)’’. However, this hidden place really is somewhere you must visit if you are interested in seeing Western style housing in Taiwan, which is much different than what we Taiwanese are used to.

This place used to be American Military Base Housing back in 1950s with about 150 houses, but as time goes by, only a very little number of these houses still exist. For tourism, they have turned most of these remaining houses into American style restaurants in order to let the history and culture continue on.

What is interesting here is that you will find more street signs written in English rather than Chinese. I kind of like the idea of keeping it the way it used to be!

However, we do need Chinese translations just so we don’t get lost!

After our coffee break, we headed up to Terraced Field and found that we got really lucky to have visited during Hydrangea Season as it is the best time of the year to visit.

During this particular time, you can see the bright bloom of the hydrangea all over the gorgeous field.

This place reminds me of Garden by the Bay in Singapore, I guess I took advantage of this place to fulfill my wish of visiting Singapore… for now:)

Location: American Village / Terraced Field

Recommended restaurants nearby: The Cafe ‘by, Brick Yard 33, Starbucks Grass Mountain

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