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Have you heard of Suicide Cliff on Kowloon Peak? I swear I had no idea before I went… thus you can see me in the picture walking towards the cliff bravely!

Oh… nope! I did not make it to the edge, I chickened out!

There is a two-meter deep valley ahead before I reach the edge, definitely need a rope to get down and back up. Plus, Suicide Cliff is not just a name to freak people out, it is seriously dangerous if you are new to hike!


So what is fun about Kowloon Peak? Let me walk you through from the beginning!

To me, it was a fantastic day hanging out with my besties the day after my sister’s wedding. As some of you may know, Hong Kong wedding never ends EARLY! Indeed, I went to bed at 3am ish, still don’t know how I managed to get up early for the hike. Must be true friendship hehe!

Since the nearest train station for Kowloon Peak is ‘Choi Hung Estate 彩虹邨’, we decided to come here for Instagram!

We used to live and play together in High-School in Melbourne, but we got split up at university. Sharon went back to Hong Kong, and I came back to Taiwan after undergrad, Wendy still lives in Melbourne. Luckily What’s App still keeping us tight and strong! Now we see each other once or twice a year in different places. This reunion in Hong Kong is absolutely a treasure to us.

Wendy & Sharon

After hotspot check-in, we cabbed to the entrance of Kowloon Peak (also known as Fei Ngo Shan 飛蛾山) and started our adventure.

The mountain is 602m (1,975ft.) high and could be very steep depending on the rail you choose.

I would say, it is a real mountain climb that you must have the proper foot-ware, lollies and plenty of water. Here is my confession to you all, I got compliments from friends saying that I am such an outdoor girl BLAHAHAHAHA.

I am totally NOT! I was the only one who needed a hiking cane, so what you think about that? shhhhh..

Once at the top, we celebrated with gummy bears, lollies and started to do some fake yoga poses for photos. But, epic fail.

While we were busy taking pictures of each other, a couple passed by to offer to take pictures for us, after, we returned the favour then shared gummy bears with them. Sharon’s expression is amazement of seeing other sign of life on this big mountain.

No music, no calls, no texts, no boyfriends… just besties having a great time together.



Awesome reunion, it is gonna be hard to top next time, but we will try!

I promise you will love this entire experience if you go with the right people.

Have fun!


Cameras: iPhoneX / Sony RX100M6

Locations: Choi Hung Estate彩虹邨 / Kowloon Peak 飛蛾山

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