About 04/06/2020 – Posted in: About

Welcome! My name is Katrina Yang. Here you will find every single footprint that I left around the world, as well as my life inspirations and daily outfit ideas that I want to share with you! I first launched What’s Up Triangle in summer 2015 with Pixnet (in Chinese) with the theme of Australia. At that time, I just returned to Taiwan after living in Australia for 7 years so I wanted to share my…

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Hanging Out In The Mountains: Kowloon Peak, HK 23/06/2020 – Posted in: Travel

Have you heard of Suicide Cliff on Kowloon Peak? I swear I had no idea before I went… thus you can see me in the picture walking towards the cliff bravely! Oh… nope! I did not make it to the edge, I chickened out! There is a two-meter deep valley ahead before I reach the edge, definitely need a rope to get down and back up. Plus, Suicide Cliff is not just a name to… Continue reading

Absolute Romance: Skyline Film Cinema 12/06/2020 – Posted in: Travel

This probably is not new to those who are living in big countries like America, Australia, England etc. However, this is kind of exciting to people like me living in such a small country, ROOFTOP CINEMA!!!! My first outdoor cinema experience was back in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. With three friends carrying a bunch of chips and drinks, had to arrive early to line up for beanbags. That event was held in Royal Botanic Gardens… Continue reading

Summertime happiness: 3 keys to wearing jeans in summer 07/05/2020 – Posted in: Style

Recently, the temperature in Taiwan has really jumped to the next level. To be honest… I can’t imagine how hot it will be in the next two months or so. I am totally not a fan of summer, but somehow this year I am excited about it! If you ask me why? I would probably say because I can’t wait to show you guys my new stylish summer wardrobe. However, it doesn’t mean that I… Continue reading

The old american days: Yangming mountain – Posted in: Travel

Yang Ming National Park might be the top result if you google up ‘‘Must visit places in Taipei, Taiwan’’, or even more specific the ‘‘Yang-Ming Shan (Mountain)’’. However, this hidden place really is somewhere you must visit if you are interested in seeing Western style housing in Taiwan, which is much different than what we Taiwanese are used to. This place used to be American Military Base Housing back in 1950s with about 150 houses,… Continue reading

Your luxury selection: JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur 06/05/2020 – Posted in: Travel

How do you make the most of your travels? Perfect travel buddy? Explore new challenges? Exotic food or comfortable accommodations? For me, the perfect travel buddy would always come first! However, staying at a comfortable place will definitely make the trip more enjoyable no matter what ! Simply because sleeping on a comfortable bed, shower in a clean bathroom makes me happy! Therefore, I always spend a lot of time researching the perfect hotel before… Continue reading