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Recently, the temperature in Taiwan has really jumped to the next level. To be honest… I can’t imagine how hot it will be in the next two months or so. I am totally not a fan of summer, but somehow this year I am excited about it! If you ask me why? I would probably say because I can’t wait to show you guys my new stylish summer wardrobe.

However, it doesn’t mean that I have to give up on denim. Do you know how you could survive from wearing denim jeans through the hot days of summer? Make sure you choose the right fabric!

3 keys to make your denim outfits perfect:


1. Thin fabric Jeans: Making the right fabric choice is the key to wear jeans in the summer, since thin fabric is so much more comfortable and light weight, they don’t feel so stiff. Additionally, if you are going for the tall look, wearing high waisted/rise jeans and thin material is the only way to go. If you are not comfortable with skinny jeans, then go with old school mum or boyfriend jeans, no problem!

2. Light Wash Jeans: They are summer’s easygoing essential, easily go well with most of the colours, even with just a plain white t-shirt. The fresh and clean look explains everything about summer!

3. Ripped Jeans: Forget about the negative comments from your grandma! Ripped jeans are stylish not trashy! But…. please don’t wear them to an interview, your employer might have another perspective. Otherwise, they are not bad, get fresh air in too!

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