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How do you make the most of your travels? Perfect travel buddy? Explore new challenges? Exotic food or comfortable accommodations? For me, the perfect travel buddy would always come first! However, staying at a comfortable place will definitely make the trip more enjoyable no matter what ! Simply because sleeping on a comfortable bed, shower in a clean bathroom makes me happy! Therefore, I always spend a lot of time researching the perfect hotel before my trip!

Marriott is my favourite hotel group since they have over 30 brands around the world, with an amazing Marriott Rewards program ‘‘Marriott Bonvoy’’.

As a former employee of Marriott, here is a secret tip for you, that most people do not know about it I guess 🙂 If you booking online, you should always go to the Marriott Website for the lowest price!

There is no way you can find any lower price with travel agents like Expedia, or Agoda. Plus, you can only accumulate points if you book direct through the hotel.

If you are planning to spend most of your time in the hotel or traveling with family (especially with kids), I would recommend you to book a suite, family room or any room that has Executive Lounge Access.

With Executive Lounge Access you not only get free breakfast, but you also get other offering throughout the day. So, no need to worry about where to go or eat during the day, as you can send your family to the Lounge and they can chill for as long as they want.

Just remember to check the access policy beforehand, because some lounges don’t allow kids under 12 or have other lounge specific rules and regulations.

Okay… I have done enough talking on the positive side of KL JW Marriott. Here is one thing that I really don’t understand… the beautiful swimming pool only open till 18:30!? The reason, just so the people whoever live on that floor with pool view will not get disturbed by people enjoying the pool facilities. Even these guests on that floor cannot use the pool after hours. But I thought having the best pool view and access is a benefit for them…not really! Then why have rooms on that floor 🙁 That’s unbelievable!

Unfortunately I never got to enjoy the ever so inviting waters of the pool as I was busy exploring KL during the day.

Another reason of choosing JW Marriott for this trip is because it has the best location compare with other hotels. I swear, the best ever!

Easy access to many scenic places, local coffee shops, walking distance to Patronas Towers (KL Twin Towers), KL Tower, Bukit Bintang Night Market and…shopping heaven the PAVILION is right in front of the hotel.

If you are not into shopping, no problems! Many popular restaurants, cafes and other options are there waiting for you!

Forgot to mention about transportation, highly recommend you download the ‘‘Grab’’ app before your trip. It is so handy and cheap, and you know the cost of your trip when you book.

I would say it is the perfect way to deal with the horrible traffic in KL. Seriously, traffic at times in KL can be so bad that you would be very disappointed sitting in a taxi watching the meter run and not moving, go Grab!

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