About 04/06/2020 – 發表於: 關於

My name is Katrina Yang. Here you will find every single footprint that I left around the world, as well as my life inspirations and daily outfit ideas that I want to share with you!

I first launched What’s Up Triangle in summer 2015 with Pixnet (in Chinese) with the theme of Australia. At that time, I just returned to Taiwan after living in Australia for 7 years so I wanted to share my experiences. Now, that I have been living back in Taiwan for awhile and visited many other countries outside Australia and Taiwan, I have decided to launch a new version of What’s Up Triangle, but this time in English and with the theme of my world adventures through the eyes of a Taiwanese.

I hope more people are able to enjoy the beauty of the world with/through me and be inspired by my blog.

P.S. Thank you for dropping by!

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