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This probably is not new to those who are living in big countries like America, Australia, England etc. However, this is kind of exciting to people like me living in such a small country, ROOFTOP CINEMA!!!!

My first outdoor cinema experience was back in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. With three friends carrying a bunch of chips and drinks, had to arrive early to line up for beanbags. That event was held in Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, which means we got to enjoy the show in nature, and the breeze was just perfect… totally miss that!

But!!! Although it was a very pleasant experience, the outdoor cinema required too much effort. So in the future, we decided to go to drive-in movies when we wanted a break from the indoor cinema.

I never would have imagined how peaceful and romantic a rooftop cinema could be. This picture says it all, big city with tall buildings, lots of people/cars below, but amazing and tranquil.

Such an amazing evening!

Skyline Film surely makes everything so much easier, guaranteed seats and free food and drinks.

In order to give the event a local Taiwanese theme, they cooperate with one of the classic Taiwanese instant noodle brands ‘One More Cup 來一客’ with their specifically designed menu, they even have Oolong Tea flavour noodles.  Popcorns, green tea and Budweiser were also available, what’s a movie without noodles… oh I mean popcorn!

The rooftop was perfectly layout, and I was able to find a cozy area to enjoy my noodles and beer. What’s even better, I was allowed to bring in food…even smelly food eg. McDonalds LOL

Oh! Forgot to say… for any native English speakers who don’t read Chinese, better check what language of the movie is in before you go. WE LEARNT FROM EXPERIENCE!!! This movie is in Italian with Chinese subtitles, and I feel sorry for the poor Westerner beside me, and for myself.

You may check show availability and purchase tickets via Accupass.

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